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Camera Accessories -> Mounting Options
SurveyorVFT Dome Mounting Options
SVFT-UCP • For in-ceiling installations
• Added support for ceiling panel
SVFT-UWM • Wall mount
• For indoor/outdoor installations
SVFT-WM • Wall mount (short) used for pendant configurations
• For indoor/outdoor installations
SVFT-UCM • Ceiling mount
• For indoor or outdoor installations
SVFT-UPM-1 • Parapet mount
• Goose neck configuration
SVFT-URM-1 • Roof mount
• Goose neck configuration
SVFT-IC-KT • In-ceiling mount ing kit
• Added support for in-ceiling installations
SVFT-SOF • Soffit mount
• For outdoor SurveyorVFT and SVFT-M camera domes
Megapixel Dome Mounts
V960D-WCA1 • Designed to mount the V960D-W to any SVFT mount
V960D-WADAPT • Designed to mount the V960D-W to an electrical box
V960D-KIT • For in-ceiling installation of V960D camera domes
• Includes trim ring
VND-970-CM • Designed specifically for in-ceiling (recessed) mounting of the MPD-980DN and VND-970IP
Roughneck V920D Mounting Options
V910-PH • For pendant mounting of V920D camera domes
• Compatible with SVFT-UWM, SVFT-UCM and SVFT-WM
V920D-ICD • In-ceiling mounting kit
• For use in drop ceiling installations
V920D-ICH • In-ceiling mounting kit
• For use in hard ceiling installations
Wall Mounts with Adjustable Heads
V1100AWM • 7.5 lb load
• 9 in. long
• Molded plastic
• Mounts to junction box
V110AWM • 20 lb load
• 10 in. long
• Aluminum
V814AWM • 20 lb load
• 11.6 in. long
• Cast aluminum
V660 Series Analog Camera Dome Accessories
V660 Series Camera Dome Accessories • Mounting accessories for the indoor and outdoor camera domes
• Heater accessory for the outdoor camera domes

V660-HDB243, V660-HCS254, V660-HVPWCB2, V660-HDA202
H660-HCM150, H660,HCM151, H660-HT202VF, H660-TRIM
V660-HCS256, V660-HPB024, V660-HDB242, V660-HCM154
V660-HCM155, V660-HCM157
Accessories for Wall Mounts
V24CMB • Outside corner mounting bracket
• Compatible with several SurveyorVFT mounts
Ceiling Mounts
V800ACM • 7.5 lb load
• 6 in. long
• Molded plastic
Pole Mounts
V20B-A • For 4-10 in. diameter poles, includes mounting straps
• Medium or heavy duty
• Use with a variety of Vicon wall mounts
V22PA • For 3 - 4 in. diameter poles
• Medium duty
SurveyorVFT Pressurized Camera Dome Systems and Accessories
• Wall mount
SVFT-PRC12 • Pre-wired coaxial cable
SVFT-PRC12T • Prewired twisted pair cable
SVFT-PR-P • Pipe adapter
• For mounting SurveyorVFT pressurized dome to 1-1/2-in. diameter pipe